São Miguel
July 15, 2012
Day 12 

This first day in São Miguel was something very special.
We were supposed to arrive at Ponta Delgada around 8:30 AM.
However, the flight time was changed so ... we didn't arrive until 3 PM. 
Jorge, Florinda, Paulo Jorge, Cláudia, Maria, José Luis and João Miguel were all waiting for us at the airport. This first day had been agreed beforehand to be spent at José Luis's house in Furnas, because Jorge and his family had just arrived from a Mediterranean cruise and it would be best for them to have a full day of rest.
José Luis had told us that he would have his family and a few other family members there that day to be with us.
We went by our hotel, checked-in and headed to Furnas. 
Imagine our surprise when we entered the house and were welcomed by about 60 family members ... 
many of which I met for the first time.

By late afternoon it was decided to have a family group picture taken in front of the chapel next to their house,
even though many people already had left.


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