Renato and Biota's first visit to the U.S.A.
 Summer 1977
Part 1

Renato and his family flew to New York City, where they stayed for a few days with Cilinha in Long Island. Then I went to pick them up in my Fort LTD .... it's final trip! While with us, we had a great time. We visited our beautiful state as well as Boston. Later, in Fred's big station wagon  we went to the White Mountains, visited the Flume and Santa's Village, all in New Hampshire. We then proceeded through Vermont and went to Canada. There we visited Montreal, a beautiful Canadian city. On the way back to the USA we visited Lake George, in New York State, where we stayed overnight. Later on, Renato, Biota, Stella and I went on a bus excursion to Washington ... (very hot days!) but it was a wonderful trip. Dona Laura stayed with all our six kids in our house while we went to Washington.
Great memories!

Most of these pictures were originally in color. 

However, when I found them they were totally discolored so I turned them black and white.

Getting ready to leave on our trip to New Hampshire, Vermont, Canada and Lake George.
Santa's Village - New Hampshire
The Flume Park - New Hampshire
Canochet Club - Narragansett, Rhode Island
Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
Replica of the Mayflower, Plymouth, MA
Newport, Rhode Island
Boston Logan Airport .... ready to return home.

Later on Renato sent me this collection of the same trip.

However, these are in color and include our trip to Washington, and other places we visited.

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